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Our Graduates!

This is not the ideal way to end their elementary days, but they will cherish all the memories that they have made.

Michael Griffin

Hi my name is Mikey Griffin I am 14 years old and I go to st. Thecla school. I play football, baseball, and basketball for the school, it is a really fun place to learn and make new friends. My favorite sport is baseball and I had a bunch of fun playing for the school team, and I’m gonna miss Thecla next year when I go to high school.
Falcons Forever!

Payton Olszewski

Hi my name is Payton Olszewski. I have attended St. Thecla school for 7 1/2 years. I have made many friends at St Thecla and am glad that I got the opportunity to be a falcon. I have made many memories at Thecla with my classmates and teammates. I participated in Basketball and Volleyball. I enjoyed celebrating with my teammates being back to back conference champions in basketball. I also appreciated being able to carry on the tradition of being a Falcon, as many of my family members are St. Thecla graduates. I’d like to thank all of my teachers for everything they have done for me. I will be attending Regina Dominican high school. Thank you St. Thecla for giving me another place to call home.
Falcons Forever!

Nora McDermott

My name is Nora McDermott and I have attended St. Thecla School for 10 years.  My time here has led me to learn many valuable life lessons, and overall I am proud of the person St. Thecla has made me.  As sad as I am to leave, I am excited about the new opportunities that I have open for me in the future.  I will be attending The Chicago School High School for the Arts come fall where I will be studying Visual Art.  I will always remember the values instilled in me from the very beginning and the few close friends I met over the years.  I’m proud of the person Thecla has made me and the title I will wear as a graduating member of the Thecla class of 2020.
Falcons Forever!

Liani Mazon

Hi, my name is Liani Mazon. I’ve been a student at St. Thecla since Kindergarten and will forever be grateful for the education that I’ve received. During my years here I loved playing basketball. I’ll also never forget all my teachers who have taught me so much. This upcoming fall I will be attending Resurrection College Prep. Although I’m excited for highschool, I’m going to miss my teachers, friends, and all the unforgettable memories.
Falcons Forever!

Sam Reider

My name is Sam Reider and I have been attending St. Thecla Catholic school since I was in Pre-K 4.  My journey here has been crazy! So many teachers I have met, so many friends I have met, so much has happened!  Thecla gave me a warm welcoming to my faith, being that I’m confirmed here. Thecla has also been very opening to my acrobatic personality, which is really great.  Next year I will be attending ChiArts for their dance conservatory. St. Thecla gave me a great education. It is too sad I won’t be able to send my children here, but I will always provide them with memories of this school.  Thecla falcons are forever! Stay safe everyone.
Falcons Forever!

Clark Anthony Streb

Brave, Strong, Conscientious, Unique
Falcons Forever!

Andreas Duic

St. Thecla is a magnificent place with wonderful people.  Fifth grade is when I transferred to St. Thecla.  I was nervous at first, I thought I wouldn’t make any friends and the students would be mean and the teachers harsh.  I soon began to realize that wasn’t the case.  St. Thecla really accepted me as if I had been there since preschool.  The students were extremely nice and we became close friends.  The teachers treated each of us with respect and truly cared for our well being.  Our class has had so many good times together and St. Thecla really gave us all a wonderful experience.  I’m sure if you asked a student what their favorite memory was from school they couldn’t choose because we have had way too many, from Mr. Stickann’s class to hall time.  I have made a ton of memories that will follow me next year at Lane Tech.  With this up and coming graduation I truly wouldn’t want any other people by my side.  We honestly became a family over the years and I’m really going to miss that special connection that most students don’t experience.
Falcons Forever!

Alex Burns

My name is Alex Burns and I have been attending St. Thecla since the second grade.  During these years I have made many lasting friendships.  I have also developed into a better person and contributor to the world. Even though our class didn’t win many championships during our time at Thecla, we always fought hard and wore our Falcon uniforms with pride.  St. Thecla has a community like no other; the Falcons are always showing up for each other for sporting and other school events.  The Thecla community has created a family like no other.  As we have all reached our last year of attending this wonderful school we will always have our Falcon connection. I will bring my Falcon Spirit with me during my high school years at St. Patrick and my journey through life.
Falcons Forever!

Vincent Emerich Streb

Courageous, Strong, Kind, BIG Funny
Falcons Forever!

Sebastian Gal

My name is Sebastian Gal and I am a member of the 2020 St Thecla graduating class. My friends call me Sebby and I’ve gone to St. Thecla since Kindergarten. I’m very thankful to have gotten the opportunity to go to St. Thecla and I look forward to what is to come. In the Fall I will be attending Loyola Academy.
Falcons Forever!

Christopher Kaup

My name is Christopher Kaup. I have been a student at St. Thecla School since Pre-K 3. My favorite sports are football, basketball and soccer but I played volleyball and ran track too. I will be attending St. Patrick High School in the fall. Thank you to St. Thecla for all the learning you have allowed me to achieve. Go Falcons!!!
Falcons Forever!

Katy Torrez

Hi, my name is Katy Torrez and I am a member of the 2020 St. Thecla graduating class. I have been a student at St. Thecla school since PreK3. I am so grateful for all of the opportunities I have been given while at St. Thecla. I made my Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation during my time at St. Thecla. I have also participated in basketball, volleyball, cross country and track. This is where I learned the importance of team work and hard work. All of my teachers have helped me so much, they care about each and every student. I will be attending Loyola Academy in the fall and I know that I will be prepared for all of my classes. Thank you St. Thecla for being my second home.
Falcons Forever!

Emma Lizak

Hi I’m Emma Lizak! I’ve gone to Thecla for 10 years. Over the years I’ve made lasting friendships and played sports like volleyball, basketball, and cheer. My favorite subjects in school are history and science. On the weekends, I usually to go the mall with friends or play in travel volleyball tournaments. This fall I will be attending The Willows Academy. After that, I want to become an orthodontist. I will forever cherish my years at Thecla.
Falcons Forever!

Patrick Leyden

My name is Patrick Leyden.  I have been a student at St. Thecla School since Pre-K3.  I will always be grateful for the education that I received at St. Thecla. I made life-long friendships.  Some of my favorite memories were made with my teammates during football, basketball, baseball and volleyball.  I will be attending St. Patrick High School in the fall.  
Thank you, St. Thecla, for all the wonderful memories.
Falcons Forever!

Joe Weber

Hi my name is Joe Weber and I will be a St. Thecla Class of 2020 graduate this year. I am 14 years old and the youngest of 3 children. There were many things I enjoyed about St. Thecla, especially the teachers and friends I made over my 10+ years at the school. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time in WI, playing sports and going out with friends on the weekends. 
I will be attending Notre Dame High School this Fall and I am looking forward to playing football, wrestling, and volleyball while there. However, I will miss the fun days I had and will always appreciate the memories I’ve made at St. Thecla.
Falcons Forever!

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