Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity Parish
Saint Thecla Church site

July 2, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters at the “St. Thecla Church site”.

   I know that “St. Thecla Church site” sounds strange, but that’s our title since July 1st.  The new title for the Catholic Parish serving the Norwood Park, Gladstone Park and Jefferson Park neighborhoods is now St. Elizabeth of the Trinity.


   This letter is an effort to communicate some updates:

  • Regretfully, our plan is to “reopen” only for our “last Masses”.

Understandably, barely a handful of St. Thecla parishioners offered to serve on a reopening team.  There’s quite a bit of required training.  Also, a few politely told me: why bother with all of this work to reopen and then have to close.  I totally understand that opinion.

After a few discussions, parishioners of the new Parish (the former St. Tarcissus) offered to help us.  Understandably, these volunteers are busy helping with the Masses at St. Elizabeth of the Trinity.  Thanks be to God for their helpfulness.

These volunteers will also help with “private” Masses for our First Communicants and for a wedding.

  • The decision is to observe the 95thAnniversary of the first Mass at St. Thecla on August 15, 1925.  We will have two “last Masses”:

Saturday, August 15 – 4:00pm

Sunday, August 16 – 8:00am.

  • We must observe all of the “reopening guidelines” – for example:
  • For our seating capacity, 130will be the maximum attendance at a Mass.
  • Reservations will be required.
  • Please read the enclosed “Tips for all Worshippers” pamphlet.


(More details will be coming in another letter.)


   Here are a few more updates:


  • Monika McGavin now works at St. Paul of the Cross Parish.

I am very grateful for all of Monika’s skillful and dedicated work.


  • I am extremely thankful to Kathy Collins who continues to be super helpful.  As of July 1st, her office is at St. Elizabeth of the Trinity.


  • Our office is mostly closed.  However, I am often in the office; and I frequently check for messages and check my email:  though the  is mostly not


  • I am very thankful to our parishioners who have mailed-in, dropped-off or electronically-given to our Sunday collections over the last 3 ½ months and who are still contributing.  

While we no longer have employees, we still have utilities & grass-cutting bills.

Also, I hope that the air-conditioning can be on when we will be in the church.


  • About sixty memorial pavers are still here.  If your family has one, please call first: (773) 792-3077 extension 201.  Please do notjust show-up without calling.


  • All of the locks on our buildings have been changed according to policy.

If any parish organization needs to pick-up their organization’s materials, please call at least a day in advance.  (My brother and sister-in-law are having a busy Summer battling cancer.  I am with them sometimes.)


  • If you had not already heard:  I became a retired priest at midnight on June 30th.  I plan to help here as long as needed.  When I get a rectory to live at, I’ll let you know – hopefully, close to here.


   In conclusion, I know that going to Sunday Mass is very difficult right now; but I hope that you will try to get back in the habit as soon as you can.  I truly hope and pray that the St. Elizabeth of the Trinity Parish and School Family and Fr. Mike Grisolano will be blessed in every way.



Fr. Greg Rom