Week 41: Card 27 was flipped showing 10 of diamonds. Pot is over $203,000 

Week 42: Card 18 was flipped showing the 4 of clubs. Pot is over $212,000 

Week 43: Card 48 was flipped showing the Ace of Clubs. Pot is over $221,000

Week 44: Card 53 was flipped showing the 10 of clubs. Pot is over $230,000

Week 45: Card 25 was flipped showing the 5 of diamonds. Pot is over $239,000

Next drawing Thursday, October 24.

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How to Play

  1. Buy a ticket. We ask you for your name (only one name per ticket), your phone number and a card number (1-54).
  2. Each week we will draw a ticket. Whatever number is on that ticket will be the card we flip over on the board.
  3. If the card that is flipped over is the Queen of Hearts you win 50% of the pot. If the card that is flipped is a Number card (2-10) you win $50, If it is a Face Card (King, Jack, Ace) you win $100, If the card is another Queen you win $200. 
  4. If the Queen Hearts is not the card flipped the pot will role over to the next week and all tickets will be destroyed.
  5. In the case of a ticket being drawn with the number of a card that has already been flipped, the next lowest number card will be flipped
  6. If both Jokers are flipped over the board will be reset *This rule is no longer valid 3/14/19*
  7. If the number on the card that is pulled is blank or unreadable it will be discarded and a new card will be drawn. Unless said person is on site at the drawing

Still Confused? Watch the video to the right. For more legal rules please click link below. Rules are subject to change

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